вторник, 30 апреля 2013 г.

Подарок от Марии. Maria's gift.

Сегодня я получила подарок от Марии из Ирландии. Мне посчастливилось выиграть Giveaway.
Это так приятно получать подарки!!!!!Я получила много замечательных миниатюр, которые сделал талантливый и щедрый человек.
Мария, большое спасибо! Я очень счастлива!!!! Вы только посмотрите, как много сокровищ.

Today I received a gift from Maria from Ireland. I was lucky to win the Giveaway.
It's so nice to receive presents!! I got a lot of wonderful miniatures that were made by ​​the talented and generous person.
Maria, thank you very much! I am so happy!! Just look at how many treasures.

Прелестная маленькая куколка - ручная работа, Она такая замечательная. Спасибо Мария!!!Стеклянный поросенок.
Pretty little handmade doll, it is so wonderful. Thank you Maria! And the pig of glass.
Голубой светильник и стеклянный маленький тапир.
Blue light and small glass tapir.
Такой хороший подсвечник в виде кролика!
Such pretty rabbit-like sconce!
Серебряные туфельки для принцессы.
Silver shoes for a princess.
Шикарное вязанное покрывало. Очень нежная розовая подушка.
Elegant Knitted blanket. Very soft pink pillow.
Сидеть на мягкой подушке очень приятно.
It's very nice to sit on a soft cushion.
Также очень нужные предметы для кухни.
There are also some necessary kitchen items.
Прекрасно сшитая летняя панама.
Perfectly stitched summer panama hat.

 Это лето обещает быть солнечное.
This summer promises to be sunny.
 Вязаное покрывало прекрасно смотрится на кресле.
Crocheted bedspread looks great on a chair.

Мария огромное спасибо!!!!
Вы мне принесли много радости! Мне очень приятно!
Maria thank you so much!!
You brought me a lot of joy! I am very pleased!

На прошлой неделе я отдыхала. Видела во многих блогах делают из бусин вазы. Вот я тоже попробовала сделать.
Эти вазочки сделаны из пуговиц и пластмассовых кнопок!
Last week, I was resting. In many blogs I've seen some beaded vases. So I tried to make ones.
They are made of plastic buttons!

А эти вазы из бусин! И заодно показала, как я их делала.
And these vases are made ​​of beads! See how they were made.

 Всем хорошей недели!
All have a good week!

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  1. Какие приятные подарки!
    Плед прям очень здорово к креслу подходит, так мягко лежит.
    Вазочки бесподобные!

  2. Какие красивые подарки! Плед просто супер и на кресле смотрится бесподобно! А насчет вазочек просто нет слов! Так просто, но очень реалистично!

  3. Подарки удивительные!!!! Жду свои )))) А вазочки та какие!!! ах)) спасибо за идею)))) обязательно попробую !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Подарки прекрасные! Рада за тебя, Таня!!!

  5. Your vases are amazing. You have inspired me to want to try to make some myself.

  6. Love your vases. They look so good with all the colors you have used.
    Congratulations for your gifts that you have received.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  7. Los regalos que te ha enviado María son muy bonitos Tatiana!
    maría es muy generosa.
    Tu tienes una gran creatividad con los recipientes, me encantan
    Un abrazo

  8. Congratulations on all your lovely gifts, you are so lucky. You are also really good at putting it all together for some beautiful scenes. The blanket is perfect for your new home-made chair.
    Your glass bowls are impressive. You have made ​​some really beautiful bowls and jars. thanks for showing how.

  9. Hello Tatiana, enjoy the wonderful gifts from Maria. And thank you for this inspiring post about making vases out of buttons and beads; so clever! They all look great.

  10. Congratulations on these gifts!!they re beautiful!!!kisses!

  11. Maria's gifts are wonderful. She's a generous friends.
    Your glass pieces are fabuolus. You're an inspiration!
    Bye, Faby

  12. You've received the most wonderful gifts from one of the most darling ladies in blogland! And your glass pieces are fantastic - the ones in the last picture just call for you to put some icecream for Gerard into... ;O)


  13. Enhorabuena por ganar el sorteo con tantas detalles tan bonitos y enhorabuena por tus jarrones,son muy bonitos,que buena idea,besitos

  14. Felicidades por los regalos que te ha enviado Maria. Me has dejado impresionada con la imaginación que tienes y las minis tan bonitas que consigues.

  15. Tatiana complimenti!! I regali di Maria sono meravigliosi, la copertina poi è incantevole!
    Mi iacciono le tue creazioni, i vasi sono davvero bellissimi!
    Un bacio, e grazie per le tue parole

  16. I am very happy that your gifts arrived safe and that you liked them. Thank you Tatiana for you lovely words. Beautiful scenes. I love your they are all wonderful vases thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Maria

  17. Hi Tatiana, congratulations for your gifts of Maria, enjoy all your new goodies! The photos are wonderful.
    The vases you have made are beautiful, well done! You are such a creative woman, I love the way you find out new miniatures.
    Hugs, Ilona

  18. Hi Tatiana! Congratulations on all of the gorgeous gifts you received from Maria. You've made beautiful vases too. Thanks for sharing how to make them. xo Jennifer

  19. Dear Tatiana, Congratulations for all the beautiful gifts you received from Maria.
    I love your gorgeous vases. I love the way you create new miniatures and thank you for sharing your way of making them.
    Hugs, Drora

  20. Tatiana, I think that you and me are both so 'gifted' by Maria. :) I also received a lovely gifts from Ireland.♥
    -Your vases are very beautiful! My favourites are the bowls in the last photo. Thank you for showing how you made them. :)

  21. Hello Tatiana,
    congrats on your fantasic win!!
    You have made some really beautiful bowls and jars.

  22. The gifts from Mary are beautiful! The crochet blanket is perfect on the couch.
    You got amazing miniatures with buttons and beads, very creative and efficient! ;)

  23. Отлично подходит для вазы и бокалы торт стоять это отличная идея! Спасибо.привет

  24. Hola Tatiana
    Enhorabuena por todos esos preciosos regalos!!!!
    besitos ascension

  25. Hello Tatiana! I love the bead vases and even though I have hoards of beads in all kinds of shapes and sizes, I would NEVER have thought of using them this way! How clever! Thank you for sharing this little tutorial and thank you also for sharing and showcasing the lovely gifts from Maria! I am so glad to have found your blog and thanks also for joining mine.


  26. Great bowls and vases! where do you find the flower looking pieces you have on top of the vases? I'd like to find some so I can try to make these too. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  27. Great bowls and vases! where do you find the flower looking pieces you have on top of the vases? I'd like to find some so I can try to make these too. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I love your bowls and vases.

    1. I was very lucky! Once I bought them in a store that sells beads!
      I now walk into this store. Such beads anymore. Unfortunately. We had to buy more before

  28. Amazon sells the flowery beuads!