вторник, 7 марта 2017 г.

Весна пришла. The spring has come.

Всем привет!
Весна наступила! Это так радостно!!!
Я сделала корзинку и розы. Мне помогали маленькие человечки! Это очень дружный народ. Они помогают друг другу. Они очень веселые и любят радоваться жизни!  Они вас любят и поздравляют с наступлением весны!
Hello everybody!!
Spring has come! It's so joyful !!!
I made a basket and roses. Little people assisted me a lot! There are lots of very friendly people. They help each other. They are so cheerful and enjoying the life! They love you and congratulate you on the coming of spring!

Фотография на память! :)
A picture for memory! :)

Всем хорошей недели!
Cheers and have a good week!

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  1. charming ! The roses are splendid and the little people is joyful!
    What a pretty scene!

  2. Beautiful scenes. The roses are wonderful and I love all your little people. Great company you keep Tatiana :))
    Hugs Maria

  3. Que maravilloso ramo de rosas y toda esa pequeña gente tan alegre a su alrededor!!! Es una bonita escena que anuncia la primavera!!!

  4. Wowww
    Que maravilla de personajes, son fantásticos.
    La cesta de flores es divina.
    Un abrazo

  5. Lovely, lovely roses! They remind me of the ones I still treasure in my own Miniature House. Thanks to you! And such a jolly group of little people helping you out :-D

  6. Me han encantado tus personajes , la composición floral muy bonita.Besos:-)

  7. El cesto con las rosas es precioso pero esos pequeños son encantadores.

  8. I was undecided whether I like the beautiful roses basket more or the bunch of tiny, jolly fellows - when it occurred to me that there's no need to decide at all: I can just like everything! Wonderful work as always - and I really admire your tiny persons who have so much personality in this "size". I've also admired the things you've shown in the posts from you that I missed. Your housekeeper is another outstanding character and I loved your tiny gnome's attics.


  9. esas rosas son una preciosidad , me encantan esos pequeños personajes , son adorables



  10. The little people are precious. They are also very talented. With their help you have been able to create the gorgeous roses and basket.
    Stunning work!
    Hugs, Drora

  11. Привет, Танечка! Поздравляю с чудесным весенним праздником 8 марта! Любви, солнышка, бодрости и нежности!
    Корзина роз роскошная! И маленькие человечки впечатляют. Страшно спросить, но какого они роста?

  12. The little people are cute. Your flowers are beautiful and perfect in the basket.

  13. The basket with roses is amazing and the little people are so cute.

  14. Your little people are adorable. How tiny they are!!!
    I still wait for the spring and flowers. Your roses are beautiful! Enjoy the spring Tatiana! :)

  15. il piccolo popolo è molto carino e simpatico, il cestino con le rose è magnifico

  16. Que trabajos mas bonitos ,la cesta de flores es preciosa ..y los pequeños muñecos encantadores . Bssss

  17. Los personajes son adorables y la cesta de flores, preciosa y perfecta. Un gran trabajo. Un beso

  18. Your tiny dolls are INCREDIBLE, Tatiana! The details of their faces, clothing and hair styles and the fact that they can stand alone is Astounding!
    I love the group shot with them posed in front of the basket of Beautiful Roses.
    I think that they must be fairies! :D


    1. :) :) :). Это очередной скачек фантации! Спасибо за комментарий, мой друг! :) :) :)

  19. Really beautiful work, very talented blog ! I love all your oŕiginal creations ! Luli

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