воскресенье, 18 марта 2018 г.

Два новогодних румбокса. Часть 2. Two New Year room boxes. Part 2.

Всем привет!
Мы остановились на этой фотографии.
We stayed on this photo.
Я давно хотела сделать кресло 70-x годов. Две деревянные лопатки пошли на боковинки кресла.
I have long wanted to make a chair of the seventies. Two wooden spatulas were used for the sides of the chair.

 Основа готова. Надо сделать оббивку. Зеленая фланель пошла на оббивку кресла.
The base is ready. An upholstery is next. The green flannel became it.

 У меня есть  маленький лоскут тканой ткани. Я из него планирую сделать накидку на кресло.
I have a small flap of woven cloth. I'm planning to make a cape of it.
 Когда кресло поставила в румбокс, я увидела, что камин не сочетается с креслом. Увы. ( я очень расстроилась и удалила фотографию)  Какой должен быть камин. Я долго ломала голову. Мне показалось, что подойдет более современный вариант.
When the chair was placed in a room box, I saw that the fireplace did not fit it. Alas. (I was very upset and deleted the photo) What the fireplace should be like? I had been puzzling my head over it for a long time. It seemed to me that a more modern version would work.
Вот детали нового камина.
Here are the details of the new fireplace.
Я использовала нарезанное тонкими полосками ДВП в качестве облицовочного камня.
I used thin strips of fiberboard as a facing stone.

 Задняя кирпичная стенка сделана из пенопласта. Много уроков вы найдете в замечательном блоге Drora
The rear brick wall is made of foam. Many lessons you will find in the wonderful blog of Drora
 Кирпичи я покрасила акриловой краской.
I painted the bricks with acrylic paint.

 Камин я покрасила акриловой краской с песком! :)
I painted the fireplace with acrylic paint with sand! :)
 Когда я сделала камин, я поняла, что мне необходимы часы и чеканка.
When I made the fireplace, I realized that I needed a watch and stamping.
 Чеканка не настоящая! :)
Stamping is not real! :)
 На фотографии видно, какие я использовала фрагменты.  Я выдавила стеком рисунок на тонкой пластинке латуни.  Мельницу и рамочку соединила с пластинкой латуни при помощи клея.
The photo shows the fragments I used. I squeezed out a drawing with a stack on a thin plate of brass. The mill and the frame were connected with a plate of brass with glue.
  Потом чеканку покрасила черной краской тампера и слегка протерла тканью.
Then I painted the stamping with black tampera paint and wiped with a cloth slightly.
 Вот получился такой уютный уголок.
It turned into a cozy corner.
Продолжение следует. :) :) :)
To be continued. :) :) :)

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  1. What a fabulous makeover, Tatiana, and the way you've made the wonderful armchair is clever. But the new fireplace, the clock and the ornament with the mill are also fantastic work. You are so inventive and creative! I can imagine that first you were disappointed after the first look of your new roombox didn't answer to your expectations, but this roombox looks even better ;)!
    Fantastic work.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. a warm roombox!
    I love the decoration, the clock, the beautiful painting, and the armchair and its cover. thank you for the explanations

  3. Madre mía!!! Me gusta mucho más ahora! Todos los detalles son una delicia! ♥

  4. It is very difficult to decide which room is more stunning. I should leave both rooms as they are and have two gorgeous master-pieces. (Or three?...)
    Dear Tatiana, the new "stones" fireplace is simply fabulous and the copper artwork made from scraps is beautiful. So is the clock. I love the chair and thank you for showing how you made it.
    Great work!!!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Okay... the old fireplace will need a third life now... but I suppose it would agree that the new one is much better for the job matching with the gorgeous chair you've made. It's so great to follow your posts seeing how things developed for you making you change your original plans. But according to me this is one of the many wonderful aspects of our hobby - it never turns out the way we've planned it... and in your case it gets even better then planned.


  6. Fantastic makeover! The fireplace and the chair are perfect in this room.

  7. Que gran cambio!!! Se ve mucho mejor ahora,has hecho un gran trabajo!!

  8. Although I liked your previous fireplace it's true that the new one is perfect with your armchair.

  9. THAT is the cozy corner! <3 Great work Tatiana!
    Hugs, piikko

  10. Una escena preciosa y un gran trabajo el sillón.

  11. A Wonderful looking chair and fireplace Tatiana! and the mantle clock and the metal artwork are simply Marvelous!

  12. i love it dear,thanks for sharing..

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