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Бамбуковая салфетка. Bamboo napkin

Привет всем!
Я хочу построить сказочный английский домик. Я хочу сделать пару румбоксов. Три куклы стучат в мою голову. Я хочу сделать пару замечательных стульев, таких как у Элизабет. Я хочу сделать витрину для моих маленьких стеклянных фигурок. Я хочу это сделать уже пару лет. :) :) :)  Я так много хочу :) :) :) А январь уже прошел :) :).
Я решила, для начала, сделать румбокс для фотографирования.
Я начну с того, что меня останавливала мысль делать румбокс из фанеры, т.к он получается очень тяжелый. Однажды в магазине пиломатериалов я увидела деревянные рейки сечением 1 см х 1 см. Я сделала румбокс из этих реек и ДВП.  Такой румбокс намного легче аналогичного из фанеры.

Hello everybody!
I want to build a fairy English house. I want to make a couple of room boxes. Three dolls are knocking to my head. I want to make a couple of wonderful chairs, like Elizabeth's. I want to make a showcase for my little glass figures. I have wanted this for a couple of years for now. :) :) :) I want so much :) :) :) And January has already passed :) :).

For start I decided to make a room box for taking pictures.

I'll start with the fact that I'm stopped by the idea of ​​making a room box from plywood, because it turns out to be very heavy. Once in a lumber shop I saw wooden rails with a cross section of 1 cm x 1 cm. I made a room box from these racks and fiberboard. Such room box is much lighter than a similar one from plywood.
 Рейки приклеила на ДВП при помощи клея " Жидкие гвозди".  Закрепила стены шурупами.
Rails were glued to the fiberboard using "Liquid nails" glue. I fixed the walls with screws.

 Я нанесла на стены смесь  - сатенгипс  + вода + клей ПВА. Эту смесь нанесла тонким слоем, как показано на фотографии.
I put a mixture on the wall - satengips + water + PVA glue. This mixture was applied in a thin layer, as shown in the photo.

 Фактуру стены я сделала при помощи щетки.
I made the texture of the wall with a brush.
 Паркет я начала делать из деревянных палочек. Я использовала клей  "Жидкие гвозди".
I started to make parquet from wooden sticks. I used "Liquid nails" glue.

 Я замазала щели смесью - сатенгипс + вода + клей ПВА + коричневая акриловая краска.
I smeared the slits with a mixture - satengips + water + PVA glue + brown acrylic paint.
При помощи влажных салфеток, я убрала лишнюю смесь..
Using wet wipes I removed the excess mixture ..
Я отшлифовала пол наждачной бумагой и натерла воском.
I polished the floor with sandpaper and waxed it.
 Я использовала тонкое стекло от фоторамки. Деревянные планки наклеены прямо на стекло. Окно не будет открываться.
I used a thin glass from the photo frame. Wooden slats are glued directly to the glass. The window will not open.

Это оконные ручки.
These are the window handles.
Перед покраской окон белой акриловой краской, я заклеила окна строительным скотчем.
Before painting the windows with white acrylic paint, I glued the windows with scotch tape.

Для освещения я испрользовала ленту со светодиодами.
I used a ribbon with LEDs for lighting.

Вы увидите красные чайники на следующих фотографиях. Я  обещала их показать. Увы, давно обещала...
You will see red teapots on the following photos. I promised to show them. Alas, promised long time ago...

 И коричневый набор :) :) :)
And a brown set :) :) :)

Вы можете увидеть бамбуковую салфетку на этой фотографии. Я давно думала, как бы сделать бамбуковые салфетки. Наконец придумала. Да. салфетки не бамбуковые, но они выглядят как бамбуковые. :) :) :)
You can see a bamboo napkin in this photo. I've been thinking for a long time how to make bamboo napkins. Finally I came up with. True, napkins are not bamboo, but they look like bamboo. :) :) :)
На фотографиях хорошо видно , как я их делала.
The photographs clearly show how I was making them.

 Это клей ПВА с водой.
Its is PVA glue with water.

Я надеюсь, что вас не утомила. :) :) :)
I hope that you haven't gotten tired. :) :) :)

Всем хорошей недели!
Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Your roombox project is so interesting! I can't wait to see more!

  2. WOW, tatiana, you did a fantastic job at your new roombox. So clever for thinking of everything, the lighting, windows, the walls and floor, all look great. I'm sure it will come in very handy for photographing all of your dolls and miniatures. I love your selfmade teapots and bamboo napkin. I always admire your vases and flowers, you are multi talented, dear friend :). Thank you for showinh how you did the bamboo coasters.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. You are a quick worker Tatiana, and the roombox looks fantastic! I like how you finished the walls. And your fairy house idea is great, I look forward to seeing some photos!

  4. La habitación está quedando genial. Buena idea para hacer el mantel de bambú.

  5. magnifique projet bien avancé
    merci pour les explications du set de table

  6. Has trabajado mucho y muy bien! me encanta el aspecto que va tomando todo,será un genial escenario para las muñecas!!

  7. Un trabajo fantástico, te ha quedado genial.Buen fin de semana:-)

  8. Great projects and you've been busy. I love the pictures with the window.

  9. Qué buen camino llevas y cómo me gusta tu falso bambú! :)

  10. Your new project is amazing. Everything is perfect.

  11. Encore un e réalisation de grande qualité, félicitations Tatiana!
    On attend la suite des projets de votre longue liste ;-)

  12. You made me smile with your remark about January already being gone... I too can tell a tale or two about having many more plans than time to realize them. ;O) But you're better than me because you made an impressing job on realizing your roombox vision. It turned out awesome, I especially admire the texture of the walls, so clever. Your teapot sets are just beautiful and the bamboo napkin - what a brilliant idea to realize it.


    1. Thank you dear Birgit! About these plans! There are more of them than we can do! :) :) :)


  13. This is never ending, isn´t it? I can relate, many projects in our heads and only 2 hands and never enough time :). Well, you made a terrific start, that room box is fantastic! Such a great display for your wonderful minis. I love teapots and yours are amazing!

    1. I agree with you! I would like to have six hands at least! :) :) :) Have a nice week!

  14. This is a very clever idea, making a photo box room in which you can always change scenes. And, the bamboo mats are fantastic.
    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  15. Se ve fabuloso el resultado.
    Adelante con todos los proyectos.
    Un abrazo

  16. Wow!!! Tatiana you have been so busy! And it is only January!!! LOL! I Love your room box... it looks so "old" but "new" at the same time... and is perfect for displaying all your other creations! Thank you for showing the steps... it makes it easy to follow! Yes, I "want" all those things too.... ! LOL!

  17. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.