воскресенье, 2 сентября 2018 г.

Наступила осень. Autumn has come!

Наступила осень! Лето так быстро пролетело. Я много сделала и много не успела сделать. В этом сообщении я покажу, что я сделала за лето. Но сначала я хочу показать какой чудесный подарок я получила от дорогого друга . Дорогая Дрора мне прислала потрясающие сокровища!  Я люблю все!
Autumn has come! Summer flew away so fast. I made a lot and a lot I haven't made as well. In this post am going to show what I made over the summer. But the first I want to show is a wonderful gift I got from my dear friend. Dear Drora sent me amazing treasures! I love everything!
 Ах, как приятно отдохнуть на удобном стуле окруженном цветами!
Oh, how nice it is to relax while sitting on a comfortable chair surrounded by flowers!

А здесь можно повеселиться!
And here you can have some fun!
 А это большие возможности для творчества
Great creativity opportunities
И совершенно потрясающая орхидея!!
Она прекрасна, дорогая Дрора!
And absolutely amazing orchid !!
It is beautiful, dear Drora!

Дорогая Дрора!
Спасибо за прекрасный подарок и замечательное поздравление
Dear Drora!
Thanks for the wonderful gift and wonderful congratulations

В июне-июле я проходила мастер класс по созданию шарнирной куклы. Вот что получилось. Кукла огромная 25 см.  Я не могу сказать, что это моя работа полностью. Я  создавала куклу под строгим взглядом мастера Елены Князевой! Она исправляла мои ошибки... Я поняла, что надо еще учиться и учиться.
In June-July I attended master classes on the creation of a hinged doll. That's what happened. The doll is huge, 25 cm. I can not say that this is completely my work. I created the doll under the strict gaze of master Elena Knyazeva! She corrected my mistakes ... I realized that I still have a lot to study and learn.

Параллельно с обучением я создавала малышей. Теперь я вижу в них много помарок, но я их всех люблю. Малыши не шарнирные.
In parallel with training, I created babies. Now I see a lot of mistakes in them, but I love them all. Kids are not hinged.

Маленькую коляску сделала Дрора!
Small carriage is made by Drora!

В июле я задумала сделать 4 котиков.  Вот мой любимый мальчик.
In July I decided to make 4 kitties. This is my favorite boy.

А это три очаровательные девочки!
And these are three charming girls!

Все мои малыши едут в Stavanger  Норвегия, 7, 8, 9 сентября 2018 года. на выставку!
All my kids go to Stavanger, Norway, 7-9, September, 2018. To the exhibition!

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  1. Oh wow!!!
    Dora's gifts are amazing!!!
    I love your babies! But I am completely in love with your cats!!
    And your hinged doll is fenomenal!!
    Good luck and have fun at the fair next week!

  2. Oh your children are wonderful and they will have a lot of success in Norway!
    Drora's gifts are lovely and will allow you to create beautiful scenes.

  3. Dear Tatiana, what lovely gifts you got from Drora, enjoy it all.
    Wow, you took a difficult masterclass for making this ball-jointed doll, she is a beauty!! Your miniature kids looks so adorable, they have lovely clothing and toys. I think they are the most happy kids there are ;)! But what to think of the kitten dolls, they look gorgeous, Tatiana. I wish you lots of success and luck for the exhibition in Stavanger!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. I love your ball jointed doll. Besides being beautiful, she has a very graceful posture. This master workshop was very inspirational for you. I love the children and the kid-cats.
    I wish you great success at the Stavanger exhibition.
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. You've been very busy during summer. What a lot of lovely children and I love your kittens and the way you dressed them. The doll you made at the masterclass is fantastic.
    Great gifts from Drora.

  6. It's so good to hear from you… but it's pretty clear that you've had no time for blogger because you've been so busy during summer creating all those miracles. Wow, this bjd is stunning - she doesn't look like a first try at all. I suppose this will be a new addiction for you - great! And your lovely kiddies are so cute, you've arranged them so nicely for your photos, it was a pleasure to watch those darling scenes. And your kitty dolls are stunning!!! Wonderful character figurines! I'm wishing you loads of fun at the fair, how exciting!


  7. Tsssss… I was so excited about your creations that I forgot to say: Congrats for receiving all these treasures from Drora! She's such a darling, as generous as she is talented (hmmm… something you both share, don't you?! *smile*) So many thoughtful gifts… have fun playing along with them!


    1. I had a very harsh teacher. :) :) :) I realized that I need to learn a lot more to create a similar doll! :) :) Thanks for the comment. :) :) :) I always smile when I read your comments. Tomorrow I will be in Amsterdam :) :) :)

  8. They all look so sweet and happy playing with their toys!

  9. Enhorabuena por los regalos de Drora , sé que son preciosos.
    Has hecho un gran trabajo con las muñecas y los pequeños.

  10. Wow Tatiana your dolls are amazing. I love them all you are very very talented. Have a wonderful time at the fair. Congratulations on the fantastic gifts from Drora.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Beautiful scenes and new creations. The cat dolls are amazing.
    Fantastic gifts from Drora.
    Good luck for the fair!